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Mt. Hope's C&O Railway Station

The town's historic C&O Railway Station, opened on June 15, 1927, survived until the 1970's, although the station had been closed in the late-1960's

The "old" C&O Railway Station that most of the town's older citizens are familiar with was actually the newest of several stations used by the C&O to serve the towns of Mt. Hope and Macdonald. By the mid-1920's, the C&O Railway found its old station house in Mount Hope to be obsolete for the growing needs of the community of Mt. Hope. The railway soon began the construction of a new station that would have the ability to handle more passengers, freight and express shipments. On June 15, 1927, the workforce and records of the C&O were moved into a new station house, conveniently located just one block behind the town's business section. The station featured a large waiting room, a large office room, an express room with a truck pit, and a 25x50 foot freight room. At the time the new station was opened, J. M. Miller, was the station agent. The station had platforms, front and rear, with special auto ramps to allow the unloading of new automobiles being shipped via rail to the numerous auto dealerships then located in Mount Hope. The total cost of building the new and modern station amounted to $30,000.00. At the time of its opening, the Mount Hope Station was doing a monthly business of $10,000. The station house that had served the town prior to the building of the new station, was located just a short distance east of the station that replaced it. The older station survived until the early-1960's, at which time is was torn down.

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